CoinbaseSDNY Judge Katherine Polk Failla ruled that the “self-driving” software Uniswap was not responsible for losses users suffered due to scams and ponzis. Judge Failla who threw out the lawsuit against Uniswap, Paradigm et al also presides over SEC vs. Coinbase. Crypto proponents noted the industry’s growing momentum in the court as a sign the SEC could lose against Brian Armstrong’s crypto exchange. The SEC lost to Grayscale in court and was handed a partial defeat in its securities campaign […]

BinanceBinance encouraged eligible users to convert their BUSD assets to other stablecoins before February 2024. The exchange added that Binance-Peg BUSD token withdrawals via BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, and Tron networks will cease in September. Deposits on these networks including Ethereum will continue until further notice. After an SEC crackdown, the company previously swapped $1 billion BUSD from its SAFU fund into USDT and TUSD. Users with BUSD balances on Binance were advised to convert their holdings for other supported […]

CurveCurve DAO token (CRV) will deploy on BNB Chain as part of the deal with Binance Labs, the company’s incubation and venture capital arm. The $5 million investment follows brief concerns about the DeFi stableswap exchange after exploiters drained over $70 million from CRV and ETH pools. Recovery efforts have been largely successful, with white hackers and protocols recovering three-quarters of the stolen assets. Security veterans also proposed a collaborative initiative to provide emergency assistance given DeFi’s recent hacks. Binance […]

CoinbaseCoinbase becomes the first American publicly traded company to launch a decentralized network. The layer 2 blockchain Base is now open to the public with over 100 dapps and on-chain service providers like Chainlink available at launch. Base is an L2 network built as an alternative to Ethereum using Optimism’s OP stack. Coinbase’s blockchain recently made crypto media headlines after a rug pull involving the BALD memecoin. Base, the L2 Ethereum network backed and built by crypto exchange Coinbase, is […]