El volumen de negociación de Arkham en Binance cruza los $ 100 millones, el precio de ARKM abre por encima de $ 0.70

  • Participants in the Arkham public token sale locked up $2.4 billion in BNB for allocation in ARKM 50 million token supply on Binance Launchpad.
  • Trading volume for the token surpassed $100 million across USDT, TRY, BNB, TUSD, and BTC pairs on Binance.
  • More than 30,000 wallets have claimed ARKM airdropped tokens with the largest wallet receiving 250,000 tokens
  • Today also marks the debut of Arkham’s much-debated Intel Exchange.

The ARKM token chalked up 14x returns for public sale participants of Binance’s 32nd launch pad token as Arkhram’s coin opened trading above $0.70 on the crypto exchanges.

Users deposited $2.4 billion in Binance’s BNB between July 11 and July 17 for a piece of ARKM’s 50 million token allocation during the launchpad public sale. The token is also tradable on decentralized exchange Uniswap and centralized crypto exchange Bybit.

ARKM trading volume crossed $100 million on Binance a few hours after trading opened on Tuesday, per Coingecko data. The blockchain intelligence provider also opened airdrop token claims for beta testers and early adopters of its platform.

A Dune Analytics dashboard from TheOnChainDataNerd showed that over 30,000 wallets had claimed more than 19 million ARKM tokens minutes after the airdrop began. One of the top wallets which received 250,000 of Arkham’s coins sold most of its holdings almost immediately on Uniswap.

Arkham Trading Volume On Binance Crosses $100 Million, ARKM Price Opens Above $0.70 9
Arkham (ARKM) by Coingecko

Another top address deposited 240,000 tokens on Binance before selling. ARKM’s total supply is 1 billion tokens with 15% in circulation. The remaining 85% or 850 million tokens will be unlocked in tranches during an eight-year vesting period.

Arkham Intel Exchange

The Arkham Intel Exchange set to go live today July 18 was a moot topic after the blockchain insight shop announced its “intel-to-earn” platform. Some argued the ethics behind monetizing private data sharing in a supposed “dox-to-earn” model.

Arkham moved to quell concerns by emphasizing that only public on-chain intel would be tradable on the exchange.